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Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Favorites

  • Picking up Ian in Hattiesburg after a too long of not seeing him ( he had fun in Boston) we drove 45 on the interstate from hattiesburg to the coast because he was sharing stories.. i didn't mind but my growling stomach did. 
  • we got to babysit Dallas Friday night... always fun .. he is such a sweet baby
  • Saturday we were lazy and lazy and Lazy some more.. and Sunday after church we were lazy again and then played basket ball with the whole block. It was fun getting to see and talk with everyone. 
  • sitting around watching movies and modern family
  • the things we did to get Dallas' first steps on video... me and Ian re-watched the videos... quite comical... stay tuned.. ill post them
  • super crunchy roll... really good but i got my sushi craving taking care of for a while. 
Really enjoyed myself this weekend.... next weekend... The Beach! 

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